10 Ways to Fight Cravings and Have a Healthy Christmas 2021

10 Ways to Fight Cravings and Have a Healthy Christmas 2021

Christmas promotes unrestricted indulgence in appetizers.

While celebration deserves leniency, beware of the red signal- ADDING AN EXTRA INCH OF FAT

The best part is you can enjoy Christmas musings without affecting your waistline much.

Here are 10 ways to have a healthy holiday season in 2021!

How to Control Calories This Christmas?

Read this if you are looking for ways to resist cravings and temptations this Christmas.

First things first!

1)      Stay Off the couch

With Christmas hitting the doors, individuals are likely to stick to the couch all day long. How compelling that may sound to you. Get off it and go for a walk. Encourage others as well to walk and prevent yourself from gaining that extra pound of weight.

If you are going for Christmas shopping or looking for Doorstep Loans in Ireland, try walking up to your destination instead of hiring a cab or driving.

How to remain active throughout the day?

  • Stand while working
  • Buy a dog; walk with him
  • Drum your legs: help you burn 20-40 % calories
  • Clean your house ahead of the holiday or Christmas meet
  • Exercise while watching a movie

2)     Eat less in the holiday season

Unlike other times, the pre-Christmas season demands you to cut those extra slices of cheese and bacon. If you have multiple quick meals throughout the day, consider reducing them to 2-3 meals or having a balanced diet at the starting of the day.

You can have light food for an evening like salad, fruit, or a sandwich

It will help you control gaining those extra pounds of weight on your waistline.

3)      Refrain from food Stuffing

Whether you are having a family dinner at a restaurant or hosting a birthday party, it is instinctual to fall for appetizing dishes on the menu. With Christmas heading ahead, you need to refrain from foods having over 300 calories.

According to research, “Individuals consume about 3000 calories at Christmas dinner! It surges the daily intake limit of an individual!”

Choose healthy options to make your meal fit your routine. Stand to steer clear of fried and baked foods, creamy sauces, or cheese-loaded items. If you are craving a dessert- choose a fruit-stuffed one!

Stick by a strict healthy diet plan and ignore relentless cravings.

Or you can do one more thing.

Instead of gorging yourself to a Christmas dinner, eat limited and take a 20-minute break afterwards. The break will help you decide whether you need to consume more or you are full.

4)     Keep Stress at Bay

Though the festive season demands us to be jolly all the time, individuals end up stressing over trivial issues. Yes, Christmas preparations are overwhelming, but stressing won’t help either.

Individuals fear over-spending, ensuring proper management, gift preparations, and meeting the raised expectations. ALWAYS REMEMBER– Christmas is just 1 day out of 365 days, so just chill and raise a toast to it without stressing. Relish the occasion.

5)     Think Before You Consume

At the same time, many individuals fall for a scrumptious dish almost suddenly as it hits the table. The caution here is. The caution here is- AVOID THE TEMPTATION AND THINK.

Plan your diet beforehand. Avoid including any food which could increase your weight.

Though the festival demands to be enjoyed with full fervour, health also demands equal attention.

Split your food – healthy and unhealthy

Healthy- 80%

Unhealthy -20%

Maintaining the ratio will help you walk by a healthy diet plan along with grabbing a few delicious bites along the way.


6)     Cook Carefully

If cooking is one of your hobbies, then you will be disheartened to hear this-

December is one of the commonest months for food poisoning.”

Owing to this, you need to remain extra conscious while preparing food and serving it. Take measures to avoid food poisoning. Like:

  • Buy fresh vegetables and ingredients
  • Wash well before cooking or chopping
  • Check for mites if any
  • Boil wisely
  • Keep the lid on
  • Consume leftovers within 48 hours or keep them in the refrigerator

Undertaking these majors will help you ensure a clean and healthy Christmas in 2021.

7)     Consult a dietician

With Christmas approaching near, it becomes challenging to concentrate on health along with ticking off- the Christmas bash list.

Consult a dietician if you’re struggling to balance health and preparations.

A dietician will help develop a diet chart according to your body requirements and BMI. You can follow that diet chart and ensure a healthy body at Christmas 2021.

A dietician can:

  • Change lifestyle
  • Conducts a comprehensive health assessment
  • Acquaints you with the facts and helps clear myths associated with dieting
  • Help identify habits affecting your health
  • Help you set realistic goals and burn calories
  • Make a potential plan balancing exercise and diet

8)     Avoid heart attack risks on Christmas Eve

According to a study, “Heart rates spike mostly around 10 pm on Christmas Eve”. Particularly, the old and weak fall prey to it because of high emotional stress and unhealthy food habits.

Individuals face these sudden incidents more during the festive season than natural occurrences like floods, drought, or earthquakes.

Old individuals with previous heart disease or a diabetic history are prone to catch frequent heart attacks.

How to avoid a heart attack?

  • Avoid drinking
  • Avoid smoking
  • Sleep enough
  • Remain hydrated
  • Don’t over-stress
  • Regular health check-ups
  • Walk 30 minutes daily

9)     Keep Yourself warm

December = wintry winds that pierce through the skin

In winter, it is essential to switch your lifestyle to an active and healthy one. And it becomes even more important when Christmas comes calling…

How to keep yourself warm during winters?

  • Wear proper attire- boots, pullovers, scarfs, hats, gloves
  • Include dry fruits in your diet
  • Consume turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and honey in winters
  • Use a humidifier
  • Skip using bathroom fans while showering
  • Make your environment cosy and warm

10)  A Healthy and Delicious Alternative to Christmas Food

While it is tempting to weigh all year long to grab a bite of your favourite Christmas dish, you can swap it for a healthy option. In addition, delicious too!

Here are certain foods that you can swap:

  • Cheese straws- breadsticks
  • Chocolate Log- Chocolate and Strawberry Roulade
  • Chips- unsalted nuts
  • Truffle-Berry truffle
  • Ham- Turkey

So, these are some ways to ensure a healthy Christmas without gaining extra ounces. Following a tight routine and securing the best Loans Online in Ireland can double your happiness and festive excitement.

Stay in good spirits this Christmas! STAY HEALTHY!

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