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Doing tattoos to cover stretch marks really work?

Unfortunately, if we are faced with old and deep white stretch marks we have to resort to “extreme” measures: that’s why considering the idea of tattoos to cover stretch marks is not a bad idea.

In case you have not been able to prevent stretch marks , as recommended in our articles, you can think of covering the problem. You can’t remove it but at least you can hide stretch marks. But if you think it’s as easy and intuitive as the tattoo of your life, you are wrong.

The tattoo for stretch marks should be designed specifically in order to hide the scars and damaged skin. And it may not always be possible. In fact, the chances of a positive outcome depend on the characteristics of the stretch mark and the type of tattoo. It goes without saying that the two factors must be complementary.

tattoo for stretch marks

Both stretch marks and tattoos are permanent marks. Sure, they can fade over time but they will never go away completely. This means that you must carefully consider your choice and entrust your skin to those who know what they are doing (and we can advise you very well on this by clicking here).

Your tattoo to cover stretch marks must be thought out to perfection to achieve its goal without smudging. It has to feel like a unique design, not a repair to a mistake.

Is it really safe to do stretch mark tattoos?

There are a couple of things to take seriously before booking an appointment with your trusted tattoo artist. So before making your decision, evaluate the pros and cons with the support of a dermatologist who will be able to tell you what type of stretch marks are, how old and deep they are, and if it is possible to cover them with a tattoo.

Generally most people expect a tattoo on healthy skin. Sometimes he asks for a tattoo that makes an imperfection less evident, but in the vast majority of cases the skin will be beautifully elastic, the perfect canvas on which to apply the design.

A stretch mark, on the other hand, is made up of scar tissue that is not elastic. In this case, therefore, the skin will respond differently when the ink is injected. This doesn’t mean it won’t solve the problem, but the result will inevitably be different from what you will get with healthy skin.

When is it worth getting a tattoo on stretch marks?

Contrary to what one might think, getting a tattoo to cover red stretch marks is not really indicated. All experts advise against working on fresh scars and that is exactly what a red stretch mark is. But why? You find the answer right in your skin. We are talking about real damage that needs its time to heal. Sometimes the healing process can take up to a year, but it’s worth the wait.

remove stretch marks

A tattoo applied to a fresh stretch mark creates very serious problems. Even if you think about applying the design around it, the result will never be what you want. The reason is that white stretch marks are better able to hold ink than red ones.

Another aspect to consider is the pain of a tattoo applied to the skin not yet healed, because the dermis will be very thin and the nerves in constant alert.


  • In case of fresh stretch marks, the tattoo is not recommended due to severe pain and thin skin. In addition, the pattern is damaged due to the non-elastic epidermis.
  • If the scars are large and deep, it will be more difficult for the tattoo artist to get the tattoo done.
  • If the stretch marks are of a certain severity, ink bleeding may occur .
  • Don’t forget the possibility of new stretch marks coming that could appear right on the one covered by the tattoo, ruining it.
  • It will take twice as long as a regular tattoo as more ink will be needed to cover the stretch marks.

What kind of tattoo is most used to cover stretch marks?

In many cases a tattoo to cover stretch marks can be applied around it, but not directly over it. If the work is done professionally, the tattoo simply becomes part of the scar or the scar will blend beautifully into the design.

And design is the key word.

Damaged skin will not retain ink as it would in normal conditions and it is for this reason that the choice often falls on not touching it directly . The stretch marks, in fact, could even show themselves more: this happens because the line will be thicker and more irregular as the ink tends to spread before it can even dry.

A design that surrounds it and makes it a part of itself, on the other hand, works very well and creates a harmonious and beautiful tattoo to look at.

Better a black and white tattoo or a colour one?

Here I might surprise you because the answer is neither! The colour recommended by most professional tattoo artists is flesh . Why? Black and white tend to be very visible and could highlight stretch marks rather than hide them. The same thing goes for the brightest colours.

The tattoos to cover the flesh-colored stretch marks are instead perfect for those who want a sober, effective and clean design. In addition, it is also recommended by many cosmetic surgeons who claim that it is the perfect colour to hide skin imperfections caused by trauma, without interfering with the natural tone of the same. It is particularly used not only to hide stretch marks, but also to cover the signs of vitiligo and post surgery scars.

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the belly

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the belly

The type of tattoo to cover stretch marks on the belly depends on the length, depth, color and number of them. But in particular from the location . If the scars are on the left side towards the hip, you will need a tattoo that runs vertically across the stomach and wraps around the hip and ribs in a distinctive yet striking design.

Floral motifs, a tribal or an abstract design are particularly suitable.

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the hips

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the hips

In this case the best design is undoubtedly the tribal . There are many, almost infinite. They also have a very deep meaning. In fact, they represent rebirth and healing. Tribal-style floral motifs can also work, bringing with them the meaning of beauty and personal growth.

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the breast

Tattoos to cover stretch marks on the breast

The stretch marks on the breasts are easier to cover with a tattoo. The floral band solution with roses and vines motifs is excellent to hide even the smallest imperfections. For larger scars, we can indicate a thicker and larger floral design, perhaps creating a twist that gives harmony to the final design.

Stretch mark cover tattoo ideas

Pinterest is a great place to find lots of ideas, you can start from this beautiful page .

Final remarks

Choosing a tattoo artist who specialises in covering scars and old tattoos is the perfect solution. An experienced professional will show you a portfolio of works from which you can also draw inspiration and evaluate if his style is the one that best suits your needs.

Finally, if your goal is to cover up pregnancy stretch marks , keep in mind that new ones may arise by the time you are pregnant again. Before proceeding with tattoos to cover stretch marks, try to take them into account and carefully evaluate each hypothesis.

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