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Everything You Need to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss treatments can be costly depending on the duration you need to take the treatment. However, you can have a hair transplant as a permanent solution to hair loss. But sometimes, a patient may not afford the cost of a transplant. Thus, you are left with fewer choices like scalp micropigmentation.

Some people fail to try SMP since they think it’s costly. However, the cost of scalp micropigmentation is affordable. However, you will need to repeat the process after every few years. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP is a cosmetic process where specialists use microneedles to add pigments to the scalp. The pigments resemble natural hair follicles. Thus, they create an illusion of thick hair. You can have SMP when you keep short or long hair.

You’ll need a consultation with your specialist to determine the right shade for your pigments. The shade should match your natural hair color. Also, it should complement your skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, and other facial hair colors. 

Due to the use of needles on the scalp, your scalp can develop scabs. The scalp will appear reddish. After four days, the scabs will fall off, revealing clearer skin on the scalp. The ‘follicles’ will be more visible after the scabs fall off. 

SMP happens in different sessions. The first session outlines the area of treatment. It’s not sufficient; thus, you’ll need a second session. During the second session, the specialist will add ink to the microdots to make the follicles look real. You will get a darker shade of pigments o the second session. Some people desire even darker pigments, so they book for a third treatment session.

How Does it Work?

SMP works by adding pigments to the scalp that resembles natural hair. If you keep your hair short, you will have an illusion of tightly packed hair follicles. No one would notice you have done Scalp Micro Pigmentation. 

If you keep your hair long, your hair will appear thicker at the base. SMP covers the clear areas between the actual follicles. From a distance, you will appear to have thicker and fuller hair. 

Results of Micropigmentation

Men have SMP on shaved hair. The results are that of a person from the barber to have a fresh haircut. The hairline varies depending on your natural hairline. Many people use SMP to alter the shape of their hairline. However, the alteration is minimal to maintain a natural look. 

Women prefer to use SMP to increase the illusion of hair density. The process is a bit complex since it happens when they still have their hair. You can use SMP to hide thinning hair and cover bald spots without having a hair transplant

Cost of Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation cost is nothing to worry you. It is cheaper than other permanent hair loss remedies like hair transplants. Also, you pay a lower overall cost when you compare the cost with topical hair loss remedies. 

The cost of SMP depends on the scope of treatment and the practitioner. Amateur practitioners charge less as they try to gain experience. However, it would help if you were keen on their qualifications to avoid any errors. 

The cost estimate on a balding head ranges from $1800-$4000. You pay less for scar treatment- you may need between $1200-$2500. 

Best Candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation

Any person experiencing hair loss can opt for Scalp Micro Pigmentation as a hair treatment option. It’s an effective remedy for thinning hair and balding. You can also use the treatment method to cover scars, birthmarks, and burns on the scalp. SMP hides all the marks leaving you with elevated confidence. 

Does Scalp Micropigmentation Fade

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is considered a permanent hair loss remedy. However, it is subject to fading since it is the introduction of pigments to the scalp. SMP undergoes mid-treatment fading. It’s a normal process where the shade of the pigments is not as dark as it was during treatment. However, after the treatment, your scalp will retain the final color. 

Side Effects

Scalp micropigmentation is among the safest hair loss remedies you can get. Although every method has its downside, the side effects of SMP are minimal.

However, you should check out for allergies before you settle for Scalp Micro Pigmentation. A few people react to colorants. Thus, you should do a skin test before you subject your whole scalp to ink. 

Your practitioner should use clean and new needles. It reduces the chances of cross infections among clients. 

The worst that can happen is a color difference. SMP involves injecting different colors to get the desired look. Thus, selecting an arctic with excellent skills to avoid color fails. 


The cost of scalp micropigmentation is affordable. Also, you can pay less when you have a smaller treatment area. The results are permanent; thus, it’s cost-effective. 

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