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The industrial electrical installations are a set of electrical circuits having the mission of conducting and distributing electric current from its source (electric service) to its output.

In industry, it is necessary to have adequate industrial electrical installations that allow the production process to develop normally. The machinery required in these spaces consumes a large number of electrical resources, and therefore it is necessary to carry out large-scale electrical connections that allow all the elements to function perfectly.

To design the structure and necessary elements that an industrial electrical installation needs, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary study in any electrical installation that has a power equal to or less than 20kW. In this study, all the necessary technical conditions and the security measures adopted will be included.

In addition, industrial electrical installations must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation issued by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in 2014.

Standards of industrial electrical installations

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism is in charge of regulating all regulations related to industrial safety, including the regulation of high voltage and low voltage installations.

It is considered high voltage full rated voltage exceeding 1 kV, and low voltage, which is lower than that value.

To carry out a new industrial electrical installation or any modification or expansion in an existing one, the procedure must be communicated to the Collaborating Entities of the Administration recognized as processing entities or any other person or entity to which the regulations grant such character.

An initial document or study must be available that includes all the design and resources destined to the creation or modification of said electrical installation, in order to make it available to the competent authorities. The company that carries out the project, in addition, must be authorized and certified by the Ministry as an installation company of electrical connections, both high and low voltage.

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Requirements of industrial electrical installations

All industrial electrical installations must be adequately protected against external agents such as temperature changes, etc. and also from other dangers such as overloads or short circuits, since if they occur, they could damage and damage the electrical installations themselves and the machinery and equipment to which the electrical current is reaching.

Short circuit and overload protection

Both the electrical network and the machinery and other elements must be protected in all its phases against any possible short circuit or overload of the system.

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The installations of motors and machinery must be carried out in accordance with current safety regulations. These systems must keep an essential distance to avoid any danger that could arise from installing several elements at too short a distance.

The electric motors are needed to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. These elements of common use in an industrial electrical installation need special protection to avoid possible risks due to variations in electrical voltage.

The dangers that an overload or short circuit implies are very serious, not only because of the breakdowns and failures that they can produce in the equipment, but they can also cause accidents that affect the facilities or your human team. To avoid deviations in voltage that could cause risks, we proceed to install a grounding, which derives all variations that could cause damage to the machinery or accidents at the facility.

Protection against electrical voltage drops

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