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Learn Super Bowl Promotion Tips And Tricks

Super Bowl promotion can be one of the most expensive marketing for big brands. And the prices keep rising every year. Over the last decades, there has been a 75 percent increase of Super Bowl 30-second ads; according to Kantar Media, most brands spend over $4.2M. So -wow, at most minuscule six Super Bowl advertisers spent more than 10 percent of their annual media budget! That’s huge. 

What about those who can’t afford the exorbitant amount? How can they capitalize on the Super Bowl million viewers? Most brands are experimenting with creative content and social tactics as their marketing strategies. 

Tips and Tricks that Big Brands use in Super Bowl Promotions

What other tips and tricks can other businesses use? And is this ad investment-worthy?

We know of mega-brands like Coca-Cola, Tide, Doritos, and many more, spending a fortune in Super Bowl promotions. But do they have to, since they are well-established brands? 

It’s not about exposure but creating a slot that’s making a conversation. Brands want their products to be part of a memorable experience. So it’s a long tail strategy that triggers emotion.” So explained Chief Intelligence Officer of Droga5 Agency, Amy Avery, who made some winsome Super Bowl ads.

Having people buy your products is not the only purpose for marketing nowadays. It’s more about talking about your brand than just buying.

You don’t have to do it yourself. 

 Do you remember the Doritos Super Bowl promotion contest where they pulled their marketing concept and got their audience involved? Who could forget that during the competition “Crash the Super Bowl.” has become one of the most flourishing marketing campaigns in this brand’s history. 

They were able to win their customers by showing them they can also become creators and distributors. And by doing this, they were able to exploit the creative power of different communities. These groups were divided into three:

First group: Makers-these include everyone that entered the contest. 

Second group: Lovers-these are the buzz creators and the contest followers.

Third group: Viewers-these are the people who watched the ads and voted in the contest.

And out of the 4900 people who presented creative spots, was a 30-sec “Middle Seat” ad selected as a winner. It included a determined man trying to keep the middle seat next to him empty. His grand prize was $1M.

What measures did Doritos look out for in this marketing strategy? One was the online contest currency, the media value, and lastly, the brand’s equity across the contest. And all these have always ramped up with the sales. 

Think beyond the big event.

Digital engagement has gone viral, over the years, especially for a big event like the Super Bowl. This game was the most telecasted social TV program in the past years. 

According to a Neilson report, the event attracted almost 100 million TV viewers and engaged 44 million audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in 2020. 

When you’re marketing, you have to focus on the long haul other than just one day. And that means getting the proper marketing. For instance, brands that published versions of their TV ads online before the actual day for the big event had 2.2X online views. And by Monday, the social shares were more than 3.1X than those releasing it on the D-day. That’s according to Google. 

Lure your customers

As every business tries to entice customers to get their products with Super Bowl offers and promos, Sportsbook is also in this. Many bookmakers will lure bettors with bonuses and promotions to give them extra inducements to bet on the big game. So, if you do it right, you can win your customers for the long haul. 

One of the betting tips bettors can get is to take advantage of these grants. Other points to consider include;

Follow the professional tipster’s tips if you want to win and make huge bucks in the big game. For example, the amount wagered on Super Bowl in 2021 was over 136 million U.S. dollars in Nevada’s sportsbooks.

Bettors will be making significant stakes for the Super Bowl champion. But one of the best betting tips is not to exceed your bankroll amount. 

Learn the best bets to use during this big day. 

Find the white space.

While all the other brands were using Super Bowl players to market their products, Bud Light needed white space. They focused on fandom. Bud Light asked their fans to live “UP For Whatever” messages they found on their bottles. Then they would post a video showing how they are living #UpForWhatever, to Instagram and tag@budlight. 

And this was a winning strategy because it harnessed unity and brought an emotional experience to the Super Bowl fans.

In Conclusion, as the Super Bowl is one of the most extensive marketing and advertising opportunities for brands, it’s prudent to capitalize on it. Weeks before the D-day, get to the social media and other platforms and get your Super Bowl promotions rolling. 

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