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Practical Ideas for Modular Kitchen Setup in 2021

Are you concerned that your room’s off-square walls won’t be appropriate for hosting the corner kitchen? The furniture experts will customize the modular kitchen to ensure that it is adequately suited to the destination setting. Do you have two totally free walls in your room? You will undoubtedly benefit from a corner kitchen. This furniture arrangement blends practicality with aesthetic appeal, resulting in a kitchen that is both comfortable and beautiful.

The corner kitchen’s varieties

A modular kitchen manages to convey all of its usefulness in just a few square meters, an intelligent and ergonomic solution for people who have limited space. This is a composition that will make your life simpler in the kitchen. If order and organization are top of your priority list, and you want to have all the tools you need at all times, this is the answer for you. With the use of the best modular kitchen corner accessories & by referring to the best modular kitchen designs photos, you can expect suitable arrangements aided by specialists to get a perfect Indian kitchen design.

Due to the great flexibility with which you may modify the furniture composition, you may design a kitchen that is specific to your needs. By overcoming the usual structural limitations of angles, they may enhance their meals by including unique modules, such as the fly moon, which they rationalize to the most extraordinary spaces, making them much more helpful, organized, and practical.

The contemporary corner kitchen is at your disposal to serve your habits.

  • The experts usually recommend that you build your corner kitchen on your living patterns and your current and potential future requirements.
  • Starting with your habits, there are many factors and options to select from, both functionally and aesthetically, to determine the aesthetics of your new kitchen.
  • The placement of the stove and sink is undoubtedly the first stumbling block in the design of your new corner kitchen.

You have two design options, one includes placing the sink and hob separately on the two sides that make up the composition, and the other involves putting them in succession on the same side.

Create your corner kitchen with you in mind

Do you like preparing several dishes in your modular kitchen at the same time? 

Do you desire a desk where you can keep everything close at hand and avoid making constant movements?

Then the two-sided approach is the best option for you. Place the sink on one side and the stove on the other, with the corner serving as the hub of your activities.

The proper placement of the cooktop and sink must, of course, account for enough room in the corner to enable them to be used with effortless torso rotations, making all of your preparations more straightforward.

By eliminating those constant motions that typically confuse you, you will be able to express all of your creativity in the kitchen with fantastic simplicity and small kitchen hacks.

A design idea for a corner kitchen

  • Many specialists selected a composition that “rotates” around you to symbolize this design approach.
  • The experts envisioned the workstation in the kitchen’s middle, perfectly aligned with the corner.
  • Simultaneously, the designers have maintained the countertop open on the two sides’ margins, allowing for enjoying a “social” kitchen.
  • Every component adheres to the concept of utility. Everything in the kitchen is arranged to maximize space and mobility.
  • For example, starting with the two columns that may be removed from the kitchen block and placed into a plasterboard niche, for example?
  • A lovely approach that promotes kitchen usage by avoiding the limitations of working blocks that are too close together.
  • The design continues with two 96 cm high wall cabinets that provide enough storage space and may be used as a daily pantry or for storing crockery and other accessories, depending on your preferences.
  • The vast work area underneath the two wall units may be used as a support platform for the dishes before they are served at the table.

The option of designing the underlying bases with two completely extractable baskets and four fitted drawers, which will enable you to arrange cutlery, spice containers, and cooking equipment in an orderly manner, is beneficial and ergonomic.

The cooking space grows on a single foundation without becoming disorganized. A conventional oven and hob, complete with a design hood and under-cabinet bar with three hooks, are strategically near together to reduce movement.

You will have two bookshelves with three shelves each in the corner, above what the experts anticipate will become your workstation, where you may store, for example, your cookbooks and the things you like to have on show all of the time. The interior decorators choose a single bowl sink because of its enormous size; it also has plenty of room on its sides for cutting or working food before or after washing.

The kitchen in the corner that mimics your thinking habits

Are you a fan of logic? Do you consider cooking to be a logical series of operations?

  • In this instance, designating one of your new kitchen’s sides as functioning will be the best option for “lining up” all of your activities.
  • The sink, worktop, and hob arrangement will precisely match the order of your various kitchen activities.
  • This kind of solution will not only make your preparations more effortless but will also provide you the most flexibility in designing and outfitting the second side of the kitchen.

Another idea for your kitchen’s nook

In this instance, the modular kitchen, the interior décor specialists provide encapsulates the increasingly sought-after multifunctionality in this setting. This composition’s corner is intended to serve as a home office. However, an intelligent kitchen can be customized to meet the requirements of the moment.


So if you are looking for best modular kitchens in Chandigarh, you need to consider these matters carefully and accordingly choose the best options for the modular kitchen setup. We have given the ideas that you can follow now. So, go for it!

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