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Thai massage therapy: what is it

So what is Thai massage? Well, it’s a deep massage and stretching technique that’s supposed to help the whole body. People with all kinds of illnesses visited Thai masseurs as children, hoping for a cure. This form of massage by its development has become a combination of several techniques. Thai massage is believed to have started from a form of Indian massage and later acquired influences from other Southeast Asian cultures. Body Massage in Bur Dubai

This holistic massage therapy acts on both the mind and the body; Well, without a healthy mind you cannot have a healthy body and vice versa. Your joints become more flexible and circulation improves when you receive regular Thai massages. Thai masseurs claim that our body has energy tracks called meridian channels and they get blocked if we are injured or sick. The objective of massage is to unblock theses pathways and allow the good circulation of our vital energy. Body Massage in Bur Dubai

What happens during a Thai massage? Believe it or not, but a Thai massage is usually performed on a mat on the floor. Obviously, this is different from most, if not all, other types of massage. If you have back or neck pain that you think might keep you from reaching the floor, it may be even more important to get going! Usually, a Thai massage therapist will have a solution for you if you cannot just lie on the floor, but it is wise to discuss your physical difficulties before making an appointment.

How does it help and what happens?

You will not need to undress for this massage. No oil is used during the massage so that your clothes do not get dirty. However, you should wear loose clothing so as not to restrict any of the movements that the Thai massage practitioner makes you, and yes, you should also wear clothes that you don’t mind wrinkling. The massage is done silently most of the time to help the therapists concentrate.

A Thai massage can last between one and two hours. The therapist typically moves your body up from the ends of the feet and will use the knees, feet, elbows, and hands to produce yoga-like stretches (you won’t have to strain), mobilize joints, and compress areas. specific spasm. . on the muscles until they relax (acupressure). The pressure is gentle and while it can sometimes cause some discomfort during the session (well, no pain, no gain), it shouldn’t make you feel like you’ve been beaten for a few days.

Get more massage clients

Chances are, if you are a freelance masseur, you will never have enough knowledge, experience, or clients. Success is not guaranteed. You should always be prepared to learn more, to do more, and to attract more. Engaging in the continuous process of professional training and practicing your trade regularly will earn you more massage therapy clients and, if handled correctly, will lead to your ultimate success.

The first step to getting more massage clients is to cover the basics

Talk to people you know and people you know: Because massage is such an intimate service, clients prefer to receive this therapy from professionals with whom they are already comfortable. Remember that almost anyone can benefit from a therapeutic massage session. It is your responsibility to assist them in achieving this goal. Explain the benefits of your work and the availability of your services. People who are approved by someone else are more likely to try your services.

Body Massage in Bur Dubai

Be prepared: Always have your business cards handy and if you don’t have business cards, get some for free by Google searching for “free business cards” It is extremely important that you provide a means for your business. potential customers to contact you. Your name, phone number, address (if you have one), and web address should all be included on your business cards. Body Massage in Bur Dubai

Set a weekly goal for the number

Set a weekly goal for the number of business cards to hand out and get started! If carrying a stack of cards is too cumbersome for you, consider text cards. Companies like CONTEXTS allow you to send SMS with your business card. Once you’ve created your free account, all your potential customers will have to do is text 50500 and simply type in your chosen keyword (ie “massage girl”).

They will immediately receive a text message with your business name, address, phone number, website, and any other relevant information you choose to include. Pretty neat, eh? Whether you use physical or electronic business cards, be sure to use them. People cannot make an appointment with you if they are unaware of the wonderful service you provide or if they cannot contact you. Take the time to talk to people you meet on a daily basis, such as gym members, store cashiers, coworkers, church members, etc.

Use the Web

Take advantage of the ability to connect with potential customers through bookmark sharing sites like My Space and Facebook. Craigslist, Backpage, Kijiji, and My Spa Classifieds are free classifieds sites where you can advertise your services. You can choose to publish your phone number on these sites so that potential customers will respond to you only by email. Also, I highly recommend the new Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals networking site, Massage Professionals. Spa in Bur Dubai

It is a large community of massage professionals who are ready to share their experiences and advice with others. Self-promotion is absolutely prohibited, unlike the aforementioned sites. However, the ability to connect with other like-minded people makes this site a valuable resource for therapists. Body Massage in Bur Dubai

Promote Your Own Website

Having your own website will let people know more about your services. Including a bio, pricing information, and appointment availability will answer common questions potential clients have about you and your services. With the ease of technology, these days building your own website is relatively easy. There are plenty of companies on the web that offer affordable web design solutions, so go your way!

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