Top 10 Worst Accidents at Workplaces Claim

What are accidents at work? Accidents at work accidents which occur at your workplace. Your workplace can be an office, construction site, or any other significant place. When you hear about accidents at the workplace, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Many people think that accidents can only occur on roads or in vehicles. However, accidents can occur at workplaces as well. 

Worst Cases of Workplace Accidents

Many people around the globe get injured in workplace accidents. Thus, I have highlighted some of the most deadly and worst workplaces ever recorded in history. These cases have been highlighted below:

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This incident occurred on May 2 1978 at the Washburn mill. The accident occurred when flour dust inside the mill ignited. An explosion was caused, 18 workers lost their lives in this incident. 

Lake Michigan, Chicago

This accident occurred on January 20, 1909. 60 men lose their lives when a powder magazine explodes. Their quarters quickly catch fire, thus, the workers get trapped between the fire and ice-filled water.

Cleveland, Ohio

October 20, 1944, a tank holding liquefied natural gas leaks vapor. When the gas is pushed into the sewers due to the wind movement, the vapor ignites and explodes. As the fire grows, the residential areas get a flame, many people die inside their houses as they get stuck. In total, one hundred and thirty people die. While many people get homeless, with all their homes and resources burned to ashes. 

Farmington, West Virginia

On November 20, 1968, a strange incident occurs in West Virginia coal mines. The accident occurs from an explosion. The explosion occurs when a dangerous accumulation of loose coal and coal dust spark an explosion. The fire spreads through the whole mine. Many miners get trapped inside. In this incident, at least 78 minors lose their lives. 

Logan Country, West Virginia

This accident occurred on February 26, 1972. In buffalo creek, the Pittston coal company’s coal impoundment dam explodes. Seconds after the explosion, 175 million gallons of black water is unleashed, turning it into a flood. 125 people die on the day, as many people drown. Perhaps the worst thing is that many were never found. Moreover, the disaster leaves at least 4000 innocent people homeless. 

Romeoville, Illinois

The actual date of this incident is not confirmed, while historians believe that this incident occurred on July 23, 1985. The incident occurred at the union oil refinery. When you hear the word oil, you can imagine the destruction this incident caused. What happened? A local worker sees vapors dropping from an opened crack, from a 100 feet tower filled with gas. To save the company and the people in it, the worker quickly tries to close the pressure valve.

However, it was not a lucky day. As a small spark ignites the fumes, a huge explosion was heard by people living in the nearby towns. The explosion launches the tank more than 3400 feet in the sky. At least 17 workers die due to fire, while many get injured. 

Pasadena, Texas

On October 23, 1989, a blast is heard by the locals from the Phillips chemical plants. The blast occurs during the maintenance check of the plant’s polyethylene reactor. The blast occurs when a large number of gases ignite. No one knows how and why the gases ignited, but the ignition causes a lot of damage. Several lives were lost. As in the records, 23 people or workers get killed. Moreover, more than 314 people were injured. 

Hamlet, North Carolina

This incident occurred on September 3, 1991. 25 workers lose their lives at the imperial foods chicken processing plant. The workers die due to the locked fired doors. As they lock many workers inside to be burnt alive. The actual reason for which the fire was caused was a faulty modification in a hydraulic line. The strangest thing was that the factory did not receive a safety inspection from the last 11 years.  

Texas City, Texas 

This incident occurs on March 23, 2005 at the British Petroleum factory. The incident occurs due to a lack of discipline and poor management. Poor working conditions and broke safety devices lead to a gas explosion. In this incident, at least 15 people died while 170 people get heavily injured. 

Mont coal, West Virginia

The actual date of this incident is April 5, 2010. The incident occurs at the upper big branch mine. The incident occurs when methane gas is leaked. This reduces the amount of oxygen, and eventually ignites. The explosion causes serious problems as more than 29 people to lose their lives. 

Accidents at Work Claim

When you get injured in accidents at work, what should be done? If we look at these accidents above, workplace accidents can be lethal. If the accident occurs due to an explosion, you will have to face a lot of problems. Thus, if you survive an accident like this, what should you do? You should always look towards getting an accident at work claim. Accident at work claim can be helpful for you, as you will receive the right amount of compensation for your injuries. There are different ways for capturing the perfect accident at the workplace; however that is a story for some other day.


Accidents in the workplace can be devastating. A bulk of these accidents can cause serious injuries and sometimes people can lose their lives as well. As I have highlighted in earlier as well, these accidents can sometimes, can destroy on a far upper level. So if you get injured in a workplace accident, you should always look forward to getting an accident at work claim. Accident at work claim is really helpful for you as you will receive the right amount of compensation for your injuries. You can spend this amount on your medical services as well. 
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