Which Are Acupressure Points?

Acupressure is an ancient form of therapeutic massage that relies on applying pressure to various points on the human body using the fingers, thumbs and hands. It is used for a variety of ailments and can also be used on people during times of stress. Therapists might use different methods, pressures and rhythms in the process. It has gained popularity among people in recent years mainly because of the many health benefits offered by this sort of massage. In actuality, it is one of the most used remedies in Swedish massage parlors.

The main merit of Acupressure lies in its ability to relieve pain, relaxation and stress. Stress is known to lead to illnesses and fatigue. The soothing and relaxing effects of Acupressure make it perfect for relieving physical and mental stress and to promote healing. This is why it is often included in healing therapies designed to promote good health, especially for those with long term illnesses and are suffering from fatigue.

Acupressure uses acupressure points along the meridians. It was believed by traditional Chinese medicine that meridians exist on each organ system and that these meridians existed along the major vessels of the body such as the spleen, stomach, kidney and colon. Meridians were also believed to connect the skin and the organs. According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is effective in treating internal illness. Acupressure stimulates the blood vessels in the body, thereby relieving blood pressure and stimulating energy that may be distributed to other areas of the body through the meridians.

Other virtue of Acupressure includes treating different kinds of headaches. There are various sorts of headaches based on the meridians and they flow and whether they are from depression or strain. Tension headaches are often caused by an excessive amount of pressure exerted on a particular part of the mind, while depression and stress headaches are from feelings of sadness, anxiety and nervousness. A good Acupressure method for relieving headaches is to apply pressure along the acupressure points along the meridians of the neck and shoulders. By doing so, it would relieve the pressure from the aggravation. Another advantage of using Acupressure methods is that there are no chemicals involved in taking Tylenol which could cause unpleasant side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

One of the additional virtue of Acupressure is treating indigestion and nausea. The body undergoes three states-being complete, light and moderate. Indigestion is usually called heartburn as it happens when the food which we eat are burnt by stomach acid. If you are having indigestion and you are not sure what caused it, 제주출장안마 ask your doctor for proper diagnosis. Acupressure has been proven as a natural alternative to prescription medications and will treat your ailment permanently.

One of the merit of Acupressure include treating breast cancer survivors. Breasts have receptor sites along the muscle layers of the body, connecting with cerebral neurons that control both metabolism and pumping of energy within our bodies. It is due to this that our breasts encounter changes during the menstrual cycle. Oftentimes, our breasts create pain and tenderness especially during the portion of our menstrual cycle known as the menstruation. Acupressure has been proven to help alleviate the pain brought about by this hormonal disturbance in addition to promoting metabolic efficiency by stimulating the default-mode system of the brain which helps circulate nutrient and blood through our body’s tissues.

Another merit of Acupressure lies in treating our body’s chronic pains such as headaches, backaches, arthritis, menstrual cramps, colds, flu, indigestion, menstrual pains, PMS, sciatica, and tonsillitis. Although it cannot cure these pains, acupressure massage has been proven to be an effective pain reliever. Research studies show that applying constant pressure to acupressure points contributes to reducing headache pain in 90% of the subjects. Another interesting study shows that acupressure may also decrease the effects of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and cerebral palsy.

Among the benefits of using Acupressure as therapy is that it is not limited to the treatment of a person’s ailment alone but can be applied also to achieving general health improvement. Research studies show that regular application of acupressure massages might increase the flow of lymph and stimulate the production of white blood cells in the body’s extremities. Other benefits include preventing tumor cells from forming in our own body, improving our immune system and improving our endocrine system, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and improving our digestive system.

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